Kate Raworth visit to Wellington

New Zealand Alternative was pleased to host economist Kate Raworth, author of Doughnut Economics, in Wellington on 7-8 May.

We hosted two events with Kate - at Unity Books on Tuesday 7 May and then in Parliament on Wednesday 8 May.

At Unity Books our Co-Director Thomas Nash moderated a conversation between Kate and Chlöe Swarbrick MP.

In Parliament Kate gave a presentation on her work and spoke on a panel moderated by Stuff Senior Journalist Andrea Vance with climate and statistics Minister James Shaw and our Co-Director Dr Evelyn Marsters.

Kate also appeared on Newshub’s The Nation programme on 11 May, arguing that our obsession with growth is costing us our planet.

A strong theme of Kate’s remarks during her visit was that New Zealand’s work on the wellbeing budget and living standards framework, along with the Zero Carbon Bill, makes us a beacon to other countries who are eager to explore alternatives to economic measurement and management.

If properly implemented and fully embraced, the wellbeing budget should have a positive impact on the health of New Zealand’s people and our environment. Its greatest significance, though, may end up being the precedent it provides to the rest of the world.

Thomas Nash